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  • Release Date: January 2013
  • Page Count: 224
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  • ISBN: 978-0-7369-4622-3
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8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple

*Discover Financial Harmony *Communicate Through Your Differences *Build a Stronger Relationship

Russ Crosson

Every marriage has conflict. And many of those conflicts are related to finances.

Russ Crosson, president and CEO of Ronald Blue & Co., shows readers how to avoid the potentially disastrous landmine of financial turmoil.

Through these pages, Russ assists readers to think correctly about marriage and about money, rather than default to the way the world sees these areas of life. He covers specific areas of money management where financial conflicts usually occur:

  • Men who work too much
  • Why wives work
  • The problem of debt
  • Making sound investments
  • Giving wisely
  • Understanding insurance

To avoid pitfalls, Russ offers a game plan couples can use to achieve harmony in their marriage, no matter what their financial situation.

Russ Crosson

Russ Crosson

Russ Crosson is President and CEO of Ronald Blue & Co, LLC, one of the largest independent fee-only financial, investment, tax, estate and philanthropic advisory firms in the U.S. With a national network of 13 branch offices, the firm serves over 6500 individual and business clients. Russ graduated from Kansas State University with a BS in Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Education. He and his wife, Julie, live in Roswell, Georgia, and are active in the teaching and mentoring of married couples. They are the parents of three adult sons.;

A Word from the Author

“When I first started in the financial services industry more than three decades ago, I thought I would be working with couples and their finances….you know, issues such as investments, taxes, and so on. It didn’t take long, however, for me to realize that the softer issues such as feelings, perspective, and temperaments were more important. It was then that I began to understand why 80% of divorces are due to disagreements over money decisions.

“It’s my prayer that the thoughts shared in this book—gleaned from 30-plus years of meeting with couples—will help you make money a nonissue in your marriage and that you will experience harmony and happiness with the one you love.”
Russ Crusson, author of 8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple

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Editorial Reviews

“Crosson’s book is well-researched and helps couples develop godly marriages, as well as aid them with money issues.”
Church Libraries

“Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or have been married for some time, this book is an excellent tool! It challenges one to budget, save, and find contentment in a relationship with the Lord rather than in something temporary.”

“…well written and easy to understand.”


“As with his last book, Russ is able to break down sometimes complicated issues within marriage and put them in bite size understandable, actionable words. I enjoy his books for my own marriage as well as sharing with friends and others needing the word of God to guide them. The personal revelations help make this book relevant and humble all of us.”
Robert Mountain

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